Brenda J. Logan
It is indeed an honor and a pleasure for me to serve as the 27th President of the Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Inc. As I pick up the mantel and continue the legacy and the vision of the illustrious group of
women that have gone before me, I am confident in my belief that I am prepared and ready to accept the challenge that lies ahead.

It was 26 years ago that then Judge, now Justice Vaino Spencer and an illustrious group of women lawyers, who would later become the founding conveners of the Black Women Lawyers Association, realized that there were more and more African-American women who were becoming lawyers. Therefore, they felt that it was necessary to join together to develop strategies for the betterment of
African-American women in the legal profession. These women set out to create an organization in which their concerted efforts would yield a quest for excellence through continuing education programs, a focused outreach for the needs of our community, and a lasting legacy through scholarship programs for deserving law students.

Through their efforts and the collective efforts of the 26 bright, talented and professional women who accepted the challenge to be the chosen leader of the Black Women Lawyers Association, African-American women have, in much larger numbers, successfully applied to and graduated from law schools across the country, passed state bar exams, and participated in the legal profession as lawyers, teachers, legislators and judges. Further, they have made certain that our voices are heard on critical issues at every level of our government. As a result, the Black Women Lawyers Association is recognized by civic leaders, governmental entities, and by other bar associations as a dynamic force, not only in the legal community, but in the entire City, as well as the County of Los Angeles, and the
State of California.

With their strength and perseverance, the Founding Conveners and Past Presidents have nurtured the Black Women Lawyers Association into the viable organization that it is today. The fact that the Black Women Lawyers Association has survived and succeeded is
directly attributable to the relentless determination, creative energy, and selfless dedication to service that have characterized its members since its inception in 1975.

As I accept the challenge that lies ahead, I personally pledge to continue the commitment to excellence and dedication to service that epitomizes the Black Women Lawyers
Association. I further pledge to continue the many relationships the Black Women Lawyers Association has forged with other bar associations and community organizations, particularly its efforts to provide mentoring relationships and support for our youth.

As I attempt to effectuate the Black Women Lawyers Association's broad mandate of service to its members and our community, I will endeavor to continue its efforts to build new partnerships and alliances throughout the legal community and the community at large. In light of the unfortunate and tragic events of September 11, it is imperative now more than ever that we join together not only as a
community as but as a nation. Therefore, "Building Partnerships to Achieve Success" will be my personal mandate for the year ahead. Because, I believe, together we achieve more.

The California Association of Black Lawyers

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